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Affiliate Partners: Babe Ruth/ Cal Ripken Baseball & Softball and PONY Baseball & Softball

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Registration?
A: ‘Early Bird’ registration for the next season usually starts toward the end of the current season. Take advantage of a reduced rate by registering early. Regular registration will be begin after the current season ends. Late Registration occurs once teams have been put together and an extra charge is added to the registration.
Q: How much does is cost to register?
A: Cost varies depending on division, visit for more information.
Q: What do the registration fees cover?
A: Registration fees cover the basics for the league. Uniforms, umpires, PONY Fees, insurance, balls and equipment. We rely on the Snack Bar and fundraising to cover field maintenance and improvements, and ‘big-ticket’ items such as storage sheds and batting cages. Our goal is to keep fees as low as possible.
Q: What do I do if I forgot my password or the email address I used to register on-line?
A: There is an option to reset your password on the login page. If you still have trouble, you can email the Secretary. Just click the ‘Board of Directors’ tab on the website for contact information.

PONY Baseball and Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball


      A: DCBA chose to affiliate with Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball so we could offer more opportunities to our players who are     interested in Tournament and/or Elite Baseball. DCBA is still affiliated with PONY Baseball and we are proud to be a part of both outstanding organizations.


       A: The rules and age brackets of both organizations are very similar, and DCBA will be playing by a set of rules that are easily transferable to tournament play with either group. Both organizations are governed by geographical boundaries, please contact [email protected]  if you are not sure if you live within the boundaries.


      A: Yes! Softball is included and it will open up more opportunities for girls who are interested in Tournament Softball.



Q: How are players assigned to teams?
A: If a player is new to DCBA or new to his/her age division, they will automatically be entered into the draft (Rookies/Pinto 6 and up). Shetland/Tball will be placed on a team. The exception is that the Manager and Assistant Coach of a team will have his/her child(ren) automatically assigned to that team unless otherwise requested. Siblings will be placed on a team together providing they are in the same division.
Q: What are the ages for each level of play?
A: Our age year for baseball runs from May 1 to April 30. Our division ages are as follows:
  • Shetland/Tball is age 4-5
  • Rookie 6/Pinto 6 is age 6 only
  • Rookie/Pinto is age 7-8
  • Minors/Mustang is age 9-10
  • Majors/Bronco is age 11-12
  • Seniors/Pony is age 13-15
  • Colt/Palomino is age 15-19

If your child turns the earliest age listed for a specific division before May 1, then they will play in that age division. For example, if your child is 8 years old but they turn 9 on or before April 30, then they will play in Mustang.

Our age for softball is the players age as of January 1st of the current year.
Our age divisions are as follows:
  • Pinto (8u)
  • Mustang (10u)
  • Bronco (12u)
  • Pony (14u)
  • Colt (16u)
For example, if your child is 8 years old on January 1st but they turn 9 on January 2nd, then they are considered 8 year old for the entire year.
Q: When does my child move up to the next age division?
A: The league year begins in the fall season, and that is when players will move from one age division to the next, if they are age eligible. For example, if your child is 10 years old this spring, but will turn 11 before May 1 of the following spring, then they will move into the Bronco league during the next fall season.
Q: My child was on a team in the spring, and did not move up into another age division, so why were they put back into the draft instead of remaining with their previous team?
A: If in a new season there are not enough players to form as many teams as the previous season, then some teams from the previous season have to be dissolved. When this occurs, the league dissolves the teams that have the least amount of returning players and places them back in the draft pool.
Q: What if I do not want my child to return to his/her previous team; can I return them to the draft?
A: Yes. However, to ensure that this occurs, you need to note this on your registration form, or email the Commissioner. Be sure you get confirmation of your request.
Q: Can I place my child on a team with my neighbor’s or friend’s child, or with a specific coach, for transportation purposes or any other reason?
A: Not unless they play in Shetland (tee ball). In Shetland, while not guaranteed, the Player Agent will make every effort to place your child(ren) on the team that you request. In all other age divisions our rules forbid honoring this request and there are no exceptions. The intent of this rule is to make the draft process as fair as possible.
Q: My child barely misses the age cut-off date to move up; can he/she do so since they are so close to the date?
A: No. Regardless of what our cut-off date is, some children are going to barely miss it, and these dates are not flexible. There are no exceptions.
Q: My child is excelling, so can he/she play up to the next age division?
A: No, DCBA rules do not allow this until they are the proper age. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Q: Where do we practice/play games?
A: DCBA has 7 fields in Deep Creek. All games will be played at Deep Creek Park, however practices can take place at any of our fields. On occasion we also interlock with other PONY leagues and when we do our teams will visit them to play. For softball, teams do interlock with other Hampton Roads leagues, so they may travel at times to those locations.
Q: When does the season start?
A: DCBA has both a spring and fall season. The fall season starts around the week of Labor Day and runs no later than mid-November. The spring season starts in March, and runs no later than the 2nd Saturday in June.
Q: How many practices/games?
A: Our schedule is 12 games. Teams are allowed a maximum of three events per week, which include any combination of practices and games.
Q: What days and times will practices and/or games be held on?
A: We typically hold practices and games on Monday-Friday, and on Saturday. Weekday games will either start at 5:30 or 6:00 (Shetland/Pinto) and the late game will start 1 hour to 2.25 hours after the early game start time depending on the age division you are in. Practices normally start at 5:30 and will run for 1 to 2 hours, though there can be exceptions depending on the number of teams in your age division. Saturday games usually start around 10am with the younger divisions playing first.
Q: What is DCBA’s lightning policy?
A: DCBA uses a term well known in the sports field as “cloud-to-ground” lightning, which means exactly what it says. For this type of lightning, it is mandatory to stop play and clear the field for 30 minutes.  Each time another “cloud-to-ground” lightning bolt is observed, the 30 minute delay resets. In many cases these games are postponed due to the amount of delay. Cloud-to-cloud lightning (“heat lightning”) does not necessarily constitute game stoppage; that is left to the board members present at the time.
Q: How will we know if practices or games are canceled due to weather or field conditions?
A: When weather or wet field conditions are an issue, DCBA will make every effort to notify parents and players as soon as possible. This will be through emails, or through the Rained-Out™ system that you can sign up for on our website. This system sends text message updates.
Q: What equipment does my child need?
A: It varies by age division and position. In Shetland, DCBA provides batting tees and heart guards for the players. In Pinto baseball we provide catcher’s gear, and a face mask and heart guard for the pitcher. In Mustang, Bronco and Pony baseball we provide catcher’s gear. We provide helmets to the teams, but most players have their own. DCBA does not provide bats or gloves. DCBA provides all softball teams with catcher’s gear and pitcher masks. DCBA provides all baseball and softball teams with one dozen practice balls and one dozen game balls, as well as scorebooks.
Q: Does DCBA provide uniforms?
A: DCBA provides jerseys and hats to all players and coaches. Parents will be required to provide a belt, socks and pants for their child(ren), as well as cleats. Cleats are not required, but recommend in age-appropriate play. Steel cleats are not allowed.
Q: Why are parents required to do concessions (Snack Bar)?
A: Our league is a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers. This includes all board members, coaches and parents. With our Snack Bar open multiple days per week and needing several people to run it properly, we have to incorporate parents into this plan. When registering your child(ren) to play at DCBA, you agree to be a part of this team. Concessions is critical to funding our league and without it running to full capacity all season, we would potentially have to raise registrations fees in order to cover expenses. It takes a complete group effort to run it.
Q: What happens if I cannot show up for my concession (snack bar) duty?
A: If a team does not show or does not have enough participation to efficiently cover their concession duty, the coach or team risks being penalized, as it has an adverse effect on the league, and its members and guests. We will make every effort to post the concession schedule well in advance so you can plan accordingly. Your team will not be asked to work concessions during one of your games.
Q: If I have questions or concerns regarding my child(ren), his/her team, the rules, or the league in general, who do I contact?
A: The first contact for any of your questions or concerns (if it’s something beyond your team Manager’s control) should be directed to your division’s Player Agent. If the Player Agent cannot answer your question, please contact the Commissioner.
Q: How can I volunteer as a board member or coach?
A: DCBA is always looking for coaching volunteers. If you would like to coach simply register to do so when you are registering your child(ren). If you would like to volunteer to be on our board, simply contact our President about any open positions. We will be glad to fill you in on what each position entails.
Q: If I coach or am a board member, can I claim it as volunteer time?
A: Yes. Some organizations, to include the military, have programs that assign credit to those that volunteer for non-profit organizations.
Q: I want to coach, but have no experience coaching; does this matter?
A: No. While experience is very valuable, it is not required and many of our coaches gain their first experiences by volunteering with DCBA. It is best if you at least have a knowledge of the game, or have played it, but some of our coaches have done so without such, and have become excellent coaches. The key is to have a passion and willingness to learn, and there are several coaches and board members within our organization that are willing to pass on their knowledge. Additionally, DCBA often teams up with instructors that offer clinics at our facilities.
Q: Do you have a Lost and Found section?
A: We ask that “Found” items be turned in at the Snack Bar, so please check there if you lost something. If the Snack Bar is not open, found items may be put in the equipment storage shed.
Q: What is your policy on pets at the fields?
A: Pets are not allowed at any of our fields, with the exception of service dogs.
Q: What is your policy on smoking at the fields?
A: Smoking and smokeless tobacco is allowed ONLY in the parking areas. Smokers are asked to completely extinguish their cigarettes/cigars and place properly dispose of them.

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Deep Creek Baseball Association

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Deep Creek Baseball Association

PO Box 6477 
Chesapeake, Virginia 23323

Phone: 757-632-7998
Email: [email protected]
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